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this is out of randomness...but i am very happy school's out. it sucked hardcore....on to the matter at hand..

for all who saw the news, and/or saw that sad sad video of the guy who got his head hacked off...i am sorry. that is a very very sad thing, and a death of a fellow american who was just trying to make a differnce in 3rd world country, is a shame indeed. but why am i not suprised? i think it has to do with the fact that American soliders are tourchering (i know i spellet that wrong, dont bust my non-existant balls...its early) POW's. we appoligized to the people of iraq and the US for the graphic images, and punished the photographers...but...why were they naked and stacked up on eachother in the first place? after all this time, no one in the media has explained why the hell there were naked prisoners in cells. i can understand a strip search, but i mean c'mon! are the soldiers that sex-starved and crave that much attention to go to the extremity of delibratly humilliating another human being?? the people of iraq, no more of the suicide bombers and rebel forces really, and i mean REALLY dont care about what happens to themselves. as a matter of fact, their families and friends throw fuckin parties in their honor...their considered martyrs for their devotion to their religion. i guess that they think that they will have a thousand virgins waiting in heaven when they get there, and their family is blessed- so they ALL go to heaven. i dont know, im not familiar with Islam. but the main point- if this is what their told, then they will not care about what happens to themselves. and SINCE they are brainwashed into believing this, then what the fuck? they just need guidance- not humiliation.

and whats with the whole, "renounce your faith and we wont hurt you" shit? since when was god part of this bloodshed?! jesus is probably spinning in his grave- this is not a holy war, this is a war against terrorism!! God and the bible have nothing to do with it. sheesh...keep organized religion out of your pathetic excuse for proving power...yeah. we get it. America is strong, and can do whatever it wants. but with such power comes greed and coruption, and thats whats seen today. there is no WMD's in Iraq, the people there are fine and since we took out their leader--its time to move on with life. go forward! not backward! there are starving people here in the US that need that money to feed their families and make a living...with all the money going to these Bush/ Kerry campaigns (which is MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of $$), they can go to real people who really need it. you want my vote? go to fuckin Africa..or North Korea, and feed those people! feed the kids. let them have a future and make a difference in the world! while grains of wheat and corn rot in silos, that food can feed alot of sick people...but no. they just throw it out into the ocean to to "inflation"- and more people die from starvation. what good is power if you dont use it for good? how are you making a differnce in this world -and claim it to be a sign of generosity- when you're really just another tyrant? how many people have to fucking DIE, before you realize that your methods are wrong? so i leave you with this...before you piss and moan about how hard your life is- just stop, and shut the fuck up. you live in a country where you can do whatever you want and say whatever you want..and youre deffinately not eating human blood pudding like the people in N. Korea. it's the lack of caring human individuals that make society the way it it, and if you want to make a diffence...just stop and think.

and thats all i have to say *steps off soapbox*

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