*Amber* (pills_and_smoke) wrote in lovetheliberals,

Hello lovelies:

Not much new to talk about, except election day tomorrow. Who are you going to vote for? If infact not old enough, who WOULD you vote for?

Good enough question? I thought so :)

your mod,
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Being 17, I cannot legally vote. But if I could, which I wish I could. I woulkd write-in my vote. And my write-in would be the word 'Me' which is part of my own campaign to fuck up the voting system via confusion.
haha that's what i was thinkin of doing. Ill make my own campaingn with the slogan: "im just too cool for yous" Oh yeah, that'll rock.
well, i think both kerry and bush suck, and both have many flaws in their.."plains", The only good thing i have ever heard Kerry say was his plain on education, he thinks this, "no kid gets left behind" shit is as un-senceable as i do, which it is, infact more teens have droped out because of this rule, but other then that kerry just sounds like an typical political wind up toy that uses too complex of words in the wrong conventions, and Bush is just a rope slingin, beer drinkin, war craved nazi/redneck with fasiest glavens (DK song, can you guess which one?!?) and the only good plain Bush has is... kill anyone who isnt american, no i kid, bush really has nothing of intrust in his speeches besides the fact that he has improved in speech impedamet..but at least he has balls enough to finish a war that his daddy started..sad but true..or just go for the 3rd party and say fuck the voting system..EITHER WAY doesnt matter, the main office chooses who wins anyways, look at the Gore and Bush chase, gore should have won...but thats that on that and in case you dont know of whom i am, I Am Sir Baggens, and this has been my opinion,PEACE!
Thanks tyler, yet again you manage to confuse the likes of people who dont have a complex vocabulary- for that I applaude you ♥

Personally, i'd rather see Kerry in office do the the fact that Bush is a war-monger. This war in Iraq is completely unnessicary, and gettting Sadam wasn't the original plan. With the "bush" plan, we're going to win the war against terrorism!! HORRAY!
So what he's REALLY saying is that were going to war for 10 years, seeing how this war is that of the cold war. Then, we'll have to go after Iran... seeing how it's about MORE dangerous than Iraq ever was... then to complete this war rampage, we'll go after the most dangerous country to have ever allianced with China... North Korea. When this is all said and done, not only will we be a broke country, but a DEAD one! For we all will be nuked and the world will be brought to ruin.

Oh goody gumdrops, cant wait!
and its "touche" haha ♥
..i said what i said...damn text books..just never made sence..